Do not store things you will not use or use later!!

Human beings – you as well as we have a problem with our own selves that we should change before it changes the fact of who we are. Human beings are selfish and several philosophers, scientists, and psychologists had supported the idea. A small example, when we go shopping, how many times have we brought something for the poor homeless person at the end of the street? No, most of us never think of the world around us and the people around us.

When there is about thousands of innocent Syrian are dying every day, due to the religious misunderstanding and cold war of superpowers, the world did not even consider it as news. It was reported like it was a daily happening and as if they are aliens. But, France got attacked and the whole world was going nuts over it! What is this called? The need for humanity should not be supplied for the developing and posh countries. Syria is a country and it needs sympathy and support! Meanwhile, among all this social unrest, there is the Rio Olympics 2016 and the whole world is excited about it! What is wrong with people? Are we so emotionless?

Contribute a little of what you have

You will have a huge load of cardboard boxes lined up in the attics with things you will never use again or find no use in it. But, you are just having those boxes because you are selfish! When you do not need something to give it to someone else who might find a use in it! There is no need for you to keep them when you will not use it. You could have an extra bed which needs a little of polishing and it will be good to use. Then polish it and give it to someone. The more you give, the more you will be blessed. It is no use to anyone sitting in your attic, give it to someone, they will think of you each time they use it. You should not do things to get publicity, life should be filled with goodness and people should not be finding ways to promote themselves. If everyone unites and contributes, the outcome will be significant and unimaginably satisfying.


Teach your family and kids to be generous

If you actually think about being generous or saving up for future, you will understand that there is no need for saving up for future. You will never know what will happen the next minute in your life. When you give to someone, you will know it was useful for someone and was not sitting idle and not serving its purpose. It is important to make your kids understand the need to give other less fortunate human beings. It is very important to understand that life is small and we need to earn people and not money. You or anyone in this world cannot talk anything from this world when you die except for the good and bad deeds they did.