The Healthy Eating Starts With A Low-Carb Diet


It is rightly said that a healthy mind and brain always resides in a healthy body. So, to keep our thoughts clear and healthy we need to keep our body fit, and it can only be done if we eat healthily. Our actions that influence society depends on our thoughts and mind, which directly is the result of what we consume. This proves that if we eat healthily, we can create a society with many healthy thoughts.So, to start a healthy lifestyle start with a low-carb diet, now the details are discussed further.

What are the benefits and risks of eating carbohydrates?

Most people think that eating carbs only contributes to the gain in weight, however, it does not work this way. Good carbs present in vegetables like carrot, are one of the necessary nutrients which are required for the body. But most people rather than having good carbs, end up eating bad carbs present in fried, oily food. Also, they eat these carbs to a great extent, and it may expose them to many risks. It may cause-

Low-Carb Diet

  1. Gain in weight– Eating too many carbs might cause you the problem of obesity and which further invites a lot of diseases and hormonal disturbances.
  2. Increased blood sugar– carbohydrates directly contribute to your body sugar thus an increase in carbs might increase sugar levels, and if worst might expose you to serious diseases like diabetes.
  3. Increased cholesterol– Eating a lot of carbs may also increase the risk of elevating cholesterol levels in your body which is another major problem that may lead to various other serious issues like chest pain, stroke, etc.
  4. Brain fog– This is the result of high blood sugars, which may be due to too much intake of carbs. Brain fog is the inability to have focus and sharp memory.

 Therefore, carbs not only affect our physical health but also disturbs are mental health as well. Hence it is very important to have control over the carb intake.

 What is low carb food and diet?

Low carb foods are those dishes that are made from improved and new techniques to control the carb content of the food. E.g. if frying is replaced by baking or boiling. Thus, it is very important to find ways in which we can make the same food item, but with a lower carb content. This helps in controlling the carb consumption without omitting your favorite food from the table. A low-carb diet means eating the food with lower carbohydrates and a higher proportion of fat. This diet is also called, high-fat diet or keto diet. It works in a very simple way, all you need to do is cut out your sugar, starch, and other carbohydrates- rich foods, this stabilizes your blood sugars, and drops the insulin hormone which is fat storing, thus fat burning hormones are more dominant which will not cause any gain in weight, rather the opposite.

 Fat Snax is responsible for making such keto foods, which are surprisingly delicious too. It has a wide range of cookies, brownies, and blondies which are healthy at the same time. So, choose your taste and eat it without worrying much about your health.

 So, eat healthy to stay healthy!