Helping Women To Take The First Step To Cardiac Rehab

For the people who are suffering problem related heart and circulation, or who have had a cardiac health problem issue like a heart attack, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of exercise-oriented cardiovascular rehabilitation process. Cardiac rehab significantly lowers the risk of dying from an acute cardiovascular issue, improves quality of life and exercise stamina, and keep aside all most of the cardiovascular risks. According to a study  women only cardiac rehabilitation participation can improve their diet and lower symptoms of stress ,depression and anxiety in female cardiac patients.

These cardiac rehabilitation programs typically include stress counseling exercise training and education regarding health.  Usually  all these cardiovascular rehabilitation process conducted in a hospital or clinic or rehab center with advise from specialist doctors, nurses, exercise instructor, therapists like physical and occupational, dietitians and psychologist professionals.

Though more of women than men should take such cardiac rehab programs, less than one quarter of cardiac rehabilitation participants are women. The Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative or WCHI at Women’s College Hospital is working to minimize the size that health gap.

Women make up only 12 to 24 % of rehab programs, and after enrolling in cardiac rehab most of the women are more likely to drop out, says Jennifer Price PhD, advanced practice nurse, cardiology department.

All of us know cardiovascular disease is the most common reason of death for Canadian women, and also the benefits of exercise based cardiac rehab known to both women and men. Unfortunately most of the physicians are less likely to recommend women to cardiac rehab than they are to recommend men Price says.

Nearly twenty six per cent explained distance enthusiasm after hectic work and transportation as a specific challenge to attend such type of cardiac rehab, Price says.

Financial issues may not seem like a constraint to care in Canada people directly, but it is indirectly come up frequently in the research, generally expenses related to transportation.

Other major points were family and all the household work responsibilities, anxiety and fatigue Some women hadn’t even aware of the importance of such cardiac rehab. For others, time management was a main problem. WCHI staff actively seeking ways to overcome such complication to care, and  using the information from the study to indulge more women in all these to cardiac rehabilitation centre.

According to the study Women who don’t complete the program are mainly those who were uninsured, single, socio-economically disadvantaged stage, chain smokers, depressed, obese, sedentary, elderly, as well as those with less education, conflicting family obligations and less social support.

After several times counseling and providing them awareness information regarding such type of cardiac rehab’s importance study shows that many of the women who did not do rehab expressed interest in it and want to renew.

Near about fifteen of them actually went on to attend cardiac rehab near to home and thirty five per cent asked for more information about cardiac rehabilitation centre. So even a couple of years later, there was still interest, Price says.