Having Christmas preparations in style

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celebrating christmas

Christmas is a festival which we celebrate on 25th of December to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Generally, Christmas day is a public holiday in most of the countries and it is not a one-day celebration, it is a celebration which celebrates in the whole month of December by all the people in worldwide. The […]


Suiting Up for That Job Interview

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men in formal

It is often said that you should dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. So it goes without saying, then, that you should dress as smartly as you can when suiting up for that formal job interview. Especially if you are the naturally nervous type, dressing right can give you […]


Items Every Man Needs to Have in His Wardrobe

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man wardrobe

It is not just manners that maketh a man, it is also what you have in your wardrobe. While style and fashion tend to be quite subjective, there are certain items that simply cannot be ignored. Across the board, these clothing items are considered a staple in every gentleman’s closet. One of the main reasons […]


A Brief Guide for Buying and Wearing Suits

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A fine suit can make a man look good and feel confident. Unless you require a specially-tailored suit, you can easily find store-bought suits that will really make an impression. Of course, buying the suit and wearing it right is not easy to pull off if you are not an expert. This brief guide should […]