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They are unique;

          A tea table cannot be complete without the right accessories and the essential elements that make up the best arrangement. The coasters are a very important part of a table arrangement especially when you have tea parties and other short time get together. Even in a home the use of coasters is a must as it prevents the drinks from staining the table. So, a matching set of coasters are excellent addition to the kitchen and on a table. The latest trends to the tea table are the custom sandstone coasters which are made with lot of care and creativity.

custom sandstone coasters

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Innovative product:

          The coasters that are available from the brand are very creatively crafted and they are one of a kind product that will add variety and glamour to any table or to a kitchen counter.

  • They are made of absorbent material and are hand crafted to fit the needs of the customers. They are made to order and the embellishments and the printing on the coasters are made as per the requests of the clients.
  • They are suitable for any occasion such as the school ceremonies, office celebrations and others such as weddings and birthdays.
  • The coasters are made of sandstone which is highly absorbent and it does not cause any stains on the expensive material of the table or any surface.
  • The price of the coasters is mentioned by the side of the package and the number of coaster that are in the package. You can add to the cart and then you will be able to buy them online from the website easily.
  • They are packed in wooden box or wrought iron container which again is very creatively made and this will add to the décor of the table where it will be put.
  • You can compare the price of the coasters and you can also make a wish list.
  • The price is very reasonable considering the material that it is made of and also the craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of these artistic pieces.
  • The minimum order of each of the types is also mentioned and the person can make a choice of what to order.

With such products from the brand the custom sandstone coasters, you will make a great choice as well.