How to locate a lost or stolen mobile easily

PIN locate a lost or stolen mobile

One of the most undesirable situations is that of losing the mobile phone or having it stolen, something that occurs quite frequently. As it usually happens, we have a solution for this situation, through a few steps, we can easily locate where our mobile is. Visit to learn how to track a phone number.

Within the range of utilities, this trick is undoubtedly one of the most important, since we never know when we may need it, either for ourselves or to help a friend or family member who is in the situation of having lost the mobile.

How the methods to find the mobile work

Inside our smartphone we have a GPS locator that helps us find places, although at the same time it allows us to find the mobile phone even if we don’t know where it is. Together with the Internet connection, it allows us to establish a very exact place, where we can go and find our mobile phone.Go to to learn how to track a phone number.

Despite the fact that our smartphone has everything necessary, we must know some aspects that will be important in finding the phone that we have lost or stolen.

Free applications to find our mobile

find mobile

We can carry out our search in two different ways, one is by opting for any phone tracking external application, which we will have to download to our phone while it is with us. The second does not need this process and we can do it from any phone or computer.

After having downloaded these type of phone tracking application from playstore, we will have to configure it with our data, so that in case of having lost the phone, we can carry out various actions through other devices.

One of the things we can do when we have lost it is to receive the exact location via email. This will allow us to go to the right place to find it.

We can also save specific places, such as our house, work or gym, so in case of losing it, notify us once requested of the place with the exact name where it is located.

Find your mobile with the help of Google

If we have lost the phone or it has been stolen, we can find it despite not having installed any application before. Google thought about this situation and offers us to find the exact location of the mobile phone and for free just by entering our email and password.

To find it we will need another mobile phone or computer, where we will enter our email account linked to the smartphone and instantly, we can know where it is. For this we can download the official Google application or type in Google “find my mobileā€, once we have connected to our email.

Instantly we will know the exact position of the device and we will have access to different options. If we click on block, it will direct us to a new tab, it does not matter if we are following it from the computer or another mobile, because in both devices they are identical.